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Our story

Grandma Teresa, in the first half of the 20th century, chooses the ground

Grandma Teresa, with her husband Domenico, respects the slow rhythms of nature and cultivates the farming pride of people, who work hard every season and bring with them the pride of a project born from the bottom that looks to the future. So begins the history of Fusero family. Guarded by Monviso, and surrounded by the Alps and the Langhe hills, the farmhouse tells a peasant story whose origins date back to 1850.

"Auste e pedala!"

«Get up and move on!». Grandma Teresa repeats it every time a child falls from the bike, or a new project is about to be born in the company. She writes it to keep alive the peasant roots of the family. She considers it as a warning to keep improving. Dad Mario interprets it by transforming the farming activity and the rearing of Frisone cows into a business project. He takes care of the cowshed management and the fields work, following his parents’ teachings. Raw milk is sold to local dairies. The sons Alessandro, Matteo and Nicolò transform what they learned at home into an idea of quality for everyone. They shorten the chain and take care also of the transformation activity of the milk, result of the good nutrition of the Frisone. The Fusero brand is the guarantor of every production phase, managed in first person with the objective of quality and competitiveness. «Auste e pedala!» is the time that passes, the perseverance to choose the market and stand out with quality.

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Is born from the love for nature: the authenticity and sustainability of the supply chain at meter 0 comes from the respect of those who grew up and live as farmers.


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How we work

Animal wellness

For children it is the farm animal par excellence, the italian Frisona. For us, they are the queens of the Azienda Agricola Fusero. Animal wellness is a working style, a way of doing. It is the founding principle of the company. It has never been an obligation or an obstacle. When you think and imagine producing good milk you have to work for the wellness of the head of cattle.

Comfortable home

Our Frisone are freehoused, with ample permanent bedding. This consists of straw, for the benefit of the hooves, to simulate their natural environment.
We have installed a ventilation system in cattlesheds that guarantees the continuous recirculation of air and relieves the animals from heat during the most critical periods of the year. The farm owns a delivery room: the place of new beginnings and dedicated to our Frisone that are about to become mothers. We have reproduced a comfortable habitat, far from noises, well aerated and illuminated, where every head can enjoy the tranquility needed in such a delicate moment. This is a non-trivial attention that we proudly show, a sign of our most special value.

Monitoring activity

Each Frisona is monitored through an electronic collar that permits us to establish the health status of our animals thanks to parameters such as: the activity of rumination, daily ingestion and the number of steps taken by the head. We put a thermal coat on each calf, when the temperature drops below 10°, to protect it from the cold and maintain a constant body temperature. We chose animals life quality. We do it by preferring longevity and resistance to the diseases of cattle over production performance. The natural consequence is the high quality of our milk.


Frisone nutrition

Good nutrition plays a fundamental role on the well- being of the animals, which are fed 95% of hay and fodder grown on the farm’s land. We chose the ration into each individual element to have control of the raw materials. In addition, we monitor and regulate the temperature of the water in drinking troughs thanks to the heat of the Biogas.

The eco- friendly supply chain

Our project continues together with those who choose the quality of the milk in sinergy with the Planet.


The goodness of our products is born from the love for nature. We cultivate the fields and rear the Frisone with a look both to the future and to the past: we use cutting-edge tools and techniques to give new life to timeless teachings, those of a woman in love with her land.

All the authenticity of the agricultural supply chain of our products is enclosed in the sustainability of paper packaging.


We chose the clean energy of Photovoltaics, Biogas and Biomethane with the aim of energy and thermal self-sufficiency to reduce our impact on the environment.

By appealing to the peasant tradition and fighting the intensive model we defend quality at the expense of quantity. We respect the natural course of the soil.


We have shortened the supply chain to the minimum: production and processing have never been so close. Our fields are located on district land to the company that limit travel, therefore pollution.


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